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Projekt Rosie (Softcover)

Projekt Rosie (Softcover) - Graeme Simsion This book was brilliant!
It wasn't the perfect story, but the way Don was described made it all worth it. I couldn't help laughing a couple of times, but at the same time I felt kind of bad for doing so. I mean, I laughed at a person with Aspergers. One does simply not make fun of that! But it was funny! It was clear from the beginning that you were meant to be laughing, because the personality of Don was, yes, Aspie-ish, but it was still relatable! We all have our quirks, right?

The writing was simple, even though it had some technical stuff in it. It really surprised me how quick I went through this book, because honestly, I thought it would take me a while with all the new words.

The way this book shows the growing of love is amazing. Denial, realization and accept. It seemed so natural and honest. The fact that Don had Aspergers only added to the story, and it helped me realize that we don't always look at the world the same way - and show a little respect. There might be a reason some people are completely honest and inappropriate at times.