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Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols This book had a very weird start!
Anyway, this is a NA lovestory, which has more to it than meets the eye. It was a true pleasure to read about. I would've wanted a bit more of understanding and a little less hysteria. Then again, I probably acted the same way when I was 17.
The ending was a bit too fast paced for my liking, because after all, it took quite a few pages for the story to pick up.

The characters were loveable and complex, which are to things that I love. I liked both Meg and John, and the minor characters as well. It took some time, but in the end I was rooting for them. At the beginning I was rather skeptical, because somehow it seemed forced and "wrong," but fortunately that changed.

The writing of this book was good. It was detailed, yet easy to read. It took no time reading this book. This would make for a good beach read!

I liked this book a lot, but it didn't have that last thing to get the fifth star. It's a solid 4 stars from me!