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Blomsternes hemmelige sprog

Blomsternes hemmelige sprog - Vanessa Diffenbaugh The first pages I turned slowly. I gave myself plenty of time to catch every word, imagining the scent from each plant and flower. A new fairytale waited for me on every page. I knew from early on that this would be a great book. I also knew that this would be a new favorite of mine. It took me a while to get through the book, I allowed myself to enjoy every word, every sentence, without rushing through the book. And that was NOT easy.
The plot didn't began until page 100, but because of the language diversity, it was not something that mattered. The more pages I turned, the more I loved this book. This book had a great story and a very beautiful language. I am a fan of Vanessa Diffenbaugh!
I hardly put the book away before emptiness began to fill me. I wanted more. I just want to read this book once more and enjoy each page again.