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Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer I was just gonna check out the audiobook to see if I liked it or not. I ended up finishing it in just two days. Yay! I think I finally get audiobooks.

I knew next to nothing when I started it, I mean, I didn't even know that Artemis wasn't the hero of the story, but rather the villain. Imagine my surprise! He and his 'servant' Butler made for a very good and fun team and I just really liked Butler, he was just right up my ally.
Another character I really loved was Holly Short. I loved her right from the beginning and I found myself wondering what part she'd play in this story. I really really loved her!

The world building was pretty good, I think. Had I known fairies was a (big) part of this book, I probably wouldn't have picked it up, but to my surprise I really liked them and their world.

The overall plot was simple and easy to follow, and even though it was somewhat predictable, there was still some twists and turns that kept me interested the whole way through.

I'm wondering if Holly will be in the next book as well? I certainly hope so!