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Liars, Inc. - Paula Stokes 3,25 stars.

The beginning of this book was okay, but I felt like it was rushing a bit. I would've liked to know more about the friendship between Parvatti, Preston and Max. I also missed knowing more about Liars Inc., like some of their cases and what they told people to gian customers.

The middle was amazingly fast paced. It was breathtaking and I was fangirling so hard at some points that I needed breakes just to catch my breath. I've been waiting for this book in such a long time and the middle was so worth it! I came up with three different suspects, so I think Paula Stokes did an amazing job at plotting this one.

The end was very disappointing to me, mostly because I wasn't surprised. I'm not saying that I know who did it, but I wasn't surprised like I thought I'd be. That was a little disappointing to me.

As for the writing, I really think the author did a good job writing this from a male's POV. It was refreshing to read and it felt very true. I'm glad I got to know Max like this - his thoughts, not just his actions.

All in all I'd say that Paula knows how to plot a mystery novel, but the comparison to [b:Gone Girl|21480930|Gone Girl|Gillian Flynn|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1406511734s/21480930.jpg|13306276] took something away from my experience with this book. Is it fair to blame that on the book/author? No, it probably isn't. I just don't know how I would've liked this book if the comparison wasn't there.

You should definitely read this book if you're into mysteries and thrillers on TV, because the middle makes this book so great!