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Shopaholic on Honeymoon

Shopaholic on Honeymoon - Sophie Kinsella Okay, so this didn't really bring anything new, but it was a somewhat fun story about Becky in Italy. We learned how she found all these new things that she just had to have and therefor she had to make excuses for them, and make up new interests like art.
I didn't really get their fight, I mean, they're newly weds, and he knew what he was going into before marrying her, so I found that to be a bit over the edge. Who would've known he was an artist btw? That was news to me! It's possible that I might just have forgotten it though.

I was a bit disappointed that we only got to see one place that they were travelling to, I would've liked to see more.

It was an okay book for the 30-something pages that it is, but not more than that, and the series cn be easily read without this one. It's a good read for a summerday when you can't make up your mind.