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If I Were You - Lisa Renee Jones I received this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I don't get this book. Nothing happens for 50% of the book, then a lot of sex and then a cliffhanger ending. That's it.

What? Are you serious?
As a matter of fact, yes I am.
It starts out with a sex scene, and you're like oh, this will be a hot read! only to find out that no, it won't. It came to a point where I was seriously doubting that this was erotica. Then it turns out that it is, because in the last half of the book, they do nothing except having sex, tasting wines and talking a hell of a lot about art. I could probably go to an art showing and fit right in now...

I found it weird how much Sara was off, I mean, she literally just started her job, and then she takes off and leave for a couple of days. What?
It would be a nice change as well, if the MMC wasn't filthy rich!

The writing was, as in every other erotic book I've read, nice and easy. The characters seemed to be all haunted by their "complicated past," but I guess all characters in these kinds of books are. I kind of liked Chris. I mean, yes, he was possessive and could've been acting more nicely, but at least he knew when he was being a jerk, and he told Sara several times to stay away from him.

I found nothing in this book that I haven't seen before. I was quite bored while reading it, and I didn't enjoy it.

This book ends on a cliffhangr, but it's quite clear to me that nothing will happen to Sara. The man in the room is either Chris or Mark - or maybe even both of them. I could be wrong though, but I guess I'll never find out, because I have no interest in reading the next book in this series.