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MARY: The Summoning

MARY: The Summoning - Hillary Monahan This book has been on my preorder-list for a while and that's not gonna change! I love the Bloody Mary legend and thus this was a must read for me.

I was expecting this to be a scary book, so I was very carefully planning when to read it, due to being a girlygirl who don't want to be alone at nighttime when reading stuff like this. Turned out to be a good thing, because this really was a scary read! A couple of chapters in, I started worrying if it was gonna go down the teenage-drama road instead, but turned out it didn't, yay! The drama that is in this book is completely fair!

I liked the way this book was being told, the writing style was really good. It was scary, yet funny at the same time, which means I kept me breath several times throughout this book.

As for the characters, I really liked them. Except for Mary, she's a bitch (ofc!). And the name Kitty....you know it's gonna be scary when you name your characters that, right?! :)

All in all, a really great book!