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The Brothers Grimm: 101 Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm: 101 Fairy Tales - Jacob Grimm It's not as easy as one would think, to review a collection of stories. Some of them were great, some were bad, and other again were just okay.

My favorite story was, without a doubt, Cat and Mouse in Partnership. That's the one story that keeps popping into my mind, when I think about what I've read. Now, I won't go ahead and tell you why, because that would be too spoiler-ish, but let me just say it's got to do with the ending.

Fairytales normally comes with a moral that goes something like this: "the prince married the princess, and the ugly and bad-behaving stepsisters/stepmother died." But in these fairytales? Uhm, not so much! This is more like "then the ugly stepmother/stepsisters cooked the pretty little princess and ate her." Yeah, I'm not kidding! This collection really has some gruesome stories!