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Kabalemysteriet - Jostein Gaarder My boyfriend has been trying to convince me to read this book in what feels like forever. I finally decided to listed to him, and picked up this book.
I've read and loved [b:Sophie's World|10959|Sophie's World|Jostein Gaarder|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1343459906s/10959.jpg|4432325] by this author, so I had very high hopes for this book. While this book didn't really took me by surprise, it still managed to get me to think about stuff. Like, life!
I felt like the beginning was dragging, but on the other hand, I don't see how this story could be told differently. It really is a slow and "down to earth" story.

I didn't feel like this book was as philosophical as [b:Sophie's World|10959|Sophie's World|Jostein Gaarder|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1343459906s/10959.jpg|4432325], so if you were one of those who found that to be too heavy and boring, I'd recommend that you pick up this one. It's still philosophical to some degree, but not nearly as much! And it's in a more fun way as well.
This book has two storylines going on at once, but they could be considered to be just one - you'll have to decide for yourself! :)

This book is very easy to read, despite what you may think. It's your usual everyday language, and you don't have to know anything about philosophy. Only thing required to read this book is the ability to read ;)

I'm not done with [a:Jostein Gaarder|1388082|Jostein Gaarder|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1314177785p2/1388082.jpg] yet!