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Den Røde Drage  - Thomas Harris This book made me so paranoid that I was about to freak out in a train, because the passager across from me ate three apples in less than ten minutes - and yes, he ate the core as well.
This book wasn't as scary as it was creepy. And it had me paranoid and I lost sleep a couple of nights, so I guess it did it's job.

I'll have to say though that it felt more of a crime novel than a horror novel, so I was quite disappointed at that. I liked how we saw it from the criminal's POV, it added something extra to my understanding of the book.

I wasn't too fond of the writing in this book, it felt like he was trying to do something special and magical with his words, but failed to do so. At least that's my understanding of the book.

I liked the book a lot, but at the same time I was let down, and I probably won't continue this series.