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Et eventyr - Jonas T. Bengtsson This was a really, really good surprise! I really love this genre and since I didn't know what genre this book was until I picked it up, I was just so happy!

I don't have a lot to say about the plot, it was just there and I enjoyed it. I think there was a little too many loose ends by the end of this book, but it wasn't something that annoyed me too much.

The characters I enjoyed as well. You don't know the real names of the characters, and that just added to the enjoyment of this book. I really liked the father of the boy, even though some of the things he did was wrong. I think I liked the minor characters the most - I liked them more than I liked the boy anyway. I mean, yeah, he was interesting, but the other characters were as well.

Because of the writing, this book was easy and a quick read.

I'll definitely recommend this book to you, if you like realism. If not, then please don't pick up this book! You probably won't like it.