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Lover Awakened

Lover Awakened  - J.R. Ward Throughout this book, I was thinking it was a three star read, but the ending was absolutely beautifully written (talking about the last two chapters and the epilogue here). It was so good that I just couldn't justify to give it a three star rating.

The story felt rather boring in the beginning and it took quite a while until the action began. This is also the reason why this felt like a 650 pages book, when in reality it was just 468 pages.

From the first book in this series, Zsadist has been my favorite character, so I was quite excited to read "his" book. He's a very complicated - and complex - character, and I found that I learned the reasons behind his behaviour in this book. I really got to know him and Bella, and they were both amazing characters. The minor characters still played a somewhat big part of this story, which I liked a whole lot, since it's a series about a brotherhood.

I can't wait to get to the fourth book in this series, which I've learned will be about Butch - another character that I find to be really interesting. Great series!