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Reflected in You  - Sylvia Day This was such a big disappointment to me. I really liked the first book, but this just gave "history repeating itself" a whole new meaning. The sex was the same, the characters were the same (...no development), even some of the lines felt like they were just taken from the first book.

The plost of this book was very similar to the first installment in this series, and I really missed some more action. I felt certain that there'd be a climax (pun intended), but no. The last two chapters though, but still. 17 chapters of nothing. That's just a no go.

Cary was still the most enjoyable character. He's absolutely amazing! If you asked me, I'd love if Sylvia Day would write a spin-off series with Cary as the main character - that'd probably work better if it weren't erotica though.

So tell me this: when will we see women who actually stands up for themself in this genre? I'd like to read one of those! I want to be able to identify myself with the characters, and I really can't with Eva - or any other character in this book, for that matter. Furthermore, I'd like a man who treats women with respect.