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Under en strålende sol

Under en strålende sol - Khaled Hosseini This was my second book by the author, so my expectations towards it has been really high!

As far as the writing goes, the only thing I found to be lacking was an explanation of the foreign words, even though I learned pretty fast what they meant.

The story was quite slow in the beginning, because there was a lot of important background stories to hear about. It wasn't boring, it was just a bit too slow for my liking. When I got halfway through the book though, things started to pick up pace. I would've liked a 100 more pages or so.

This book is a great experience in many ways, and it kind of gives you another view of the world and life in general. It's a depressing book, but it's definitely worth it. I like the fact that there are no happy endings just because. It reflects life.

Absolutely stunning. A masterpiece.