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Family Care (1st ed.)

Family Care (1st ed.) - Jessa Callaver Rating: 2,5*
Okay, let me start by saying that this is the first book for me to read in this genre. I can't really tell if this genre isn't for me or if it's just this one book.

I like the two plots and were interested in both sides of the stories. I wasn't really a fan of Evan though. He felt kind of cheesy to me ;)
The way it ended was weird. Sorry, I just couldn't imagine something like that to end that way.

I liked the writingstyle a lot and the sexual parts of the story were perfect. It didn't feel rushed at any point, and I felt their chemistry instantly.

It took me a time to read this book (you kind of have to be in the right mood), but I'm glad I took the time and I will probably read more books from this genre.