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Samme dag næste år

Samme dag næste år - David Nicholls I really don't know how to rate and review this book. I need to sort out my thoughts... Was quite disappointed though!

Okay, it's been a few days, and I've sorted out my thoughts. Or at least I think I have.

So it's gonna be 2 stars from me. Just 2 stars.

This concept with one day a year, it just didn't work for me. I mean, Dex was an asshole to Emma on one page, and on the next she took him back and had forgotten everything. I know it's supposed to have been a year, but to me, as a reader, the episodes were fresh in my mind and I didn't understand the choices of the main characters.
Dex...he's just a drunken crackhead, and he doesn't deserve Emma.
Emma...well, she's just so pathetic, Dex didn't deserve her.
You see the problem here?

So there's that. I didn't like the two main characters. Not at all. That makes it hard to like a characterdriven book now, doesn't it?

That being said, I liked the changing of the POVs. That was done so well! The entire writing style was just so good. It was also nice to see how the world changed; Sep. 11, mobile phones, DVD's etc. That was great, and that was what I liked most about this book.

To be fair, I gotta say I had pretty high hopes for this book. I saw the movie a while ago and liked it, and I thought the book would be way better. Turns out it wasn't. I was just so disappointed.

This is a great example of when the movie is better than the book.