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Kaninbjerget - Richard Adams [b:Watership Down|76620|Watership Down|Richard Adams|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1405136931s/76620.jpg|1357456] is one of the books that have been on my list of books to read in 2013. I remember checking it out from the library a couple of times when I was a kid, but I never managed to finish the book. When I started the book this time, I suddenly remembered my mom reading it to me. I didn't know that until I started the book and realized that I remembered certain parts of the book.

First thing that came to my mind after finishing this book was that it was nice with a children's book with not too much going on. This is the book if you want to relax and just enjoy the story - there's not too much going on. The story is filled with cozy little stories! On the other hand, that meant that every time I picked up the book, it took me some time to get back into it. Unfortunately, this book didn't manage to keep me interested enough to read it in one or two sittings, actually it took me quite a while to finish this one.

Now, seeing as this is a children's book, it's quite heavy, but none the less, I'm sure children will love to hear about the rabbits and how they live.

The writing style of this book was really good. It's written in an adult-ish language and sometimes it gets a bit complicated if you're an 8-year old, I imagine. I do, however, love how this book aims at the children without being too childish. The names of the rabbits were really good, but in the beginning they got me a bit confused - it took me a while to get used to.