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Tiger, Tiger: A Memoir

Tiger, Tiger: A Memoir - Margaux Fragoso I was expecting something else from this book. I thought it'd be a lot of disturbing descriptions etc., but it wasn't. Not that much, at least. Instead, I was kind of understanding Margoux, and why she did what she did, and chose like she did. I was even wondering that if it was my life, maybe I would've taken just as much shit as she did? The sad thing isn't her relationship with the pedophile. It's her dad. He's the sad thing. And that's the worst about this book!
I'd like to know how she coped after this book takes place. What about her dad, does she still see him, talk to him? I have a lot of questions left that weren't answered throughout this book, but maybe it isn't possible to answer them all. After all, it's life. You don't get answers to everything.
As "The Globe and Mail" puts it: This book reminds us that pedophiles are like the rest of us: they buy cereals, walk the dog and do gardening. And that's exactly right!
This is a must read, if you ask me. It's both a sad and beautiful story. Read it!