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Hr. Penumbras døgnåbne bogbutik

Hr. Penumbras døgnåbne bogbutik - Robin Sloan Readathon October 2014

This book was all about the magic of books. At least in the first half. I found the second half rather dull and boring, and too focused on a somewhat thin plotline. It focuses a lot on the differences between the physical and digital things, which I thought was interesting, but also a little less relevant than the bookstore itself. I mean, it has the word 'bookstore' in the title, right?

I highlighted several quotes as I read, and I really enjoyed the wit of the book. It had it's funny moments!

I liked the characters, but I also have to say that I got to a point where it got rather confusing to me - could also have to do with me reading this book as a readathone-book.

All in all a good book, and the ending made up for the second half of the book.