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The Memory Hit - Carla Spradbery I received this book as an earc from Netgalley and Hodder Children's Books

This was off to a very confusing start, but it got better as I kept reading.

There weren't that many characters, but I found it hard to tell them apart since they sounded so alike. It's told from different POVs, but I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell them apart if it wasn't for the big fat headline.
I didn't really connect that much with the characters except for Amy, Cooper's sister. She was a fine character. I also didn't really like the lack of parents in this book, it felt really weird that they didn't care one bit about their sons and daughters. Made the book feel less realistic to me.

As far as the plot goes, it was fine. It kept my interest, but at the same time it just wasn't that special. It was trying to be something it wasn't - I have no issue that it's dealing with drugs, but the perspective were just far off! The ending felt a bit rushed, it all had to be squeezed into the last 5-6%, and if I'm being completely honest, there's still things that I don't completely understand, such as how and when did Amy get into this? What was her motive? I know she wanted things to go back to normal, but she didn't want to be like her parents - unless she did want to, but she didn't. Yeah, didn't really get that part.