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Når vanviddet rører på sig

Når vanviddet rører på sig - Nathan Filer This book didn't feel as important to me as I hoped it would.

Having lost a brother myself, I found it easy to identify with Matthew. I got where he was coming from; the need to do something now that you didn't get to do while they were alive, because you were so young. I completely get that, and it was interesting to me to see how other people could be dealing with this.
That being said, I think his parents were completely unfair. I'm not sure I got the part about why he went and lived with Nanny Noo, but it seems to me his parents kind of blamed him for the death of Simon, his brother. That seemed so harsh to me! And the way his mom constantly made him do things he didn't want, it just didn't seem necessary, and it made me dislike his parents.

I think the premise of the book was better than the book itself. The idea was great, but I don't think the book lived up to it. It was a bit too confusing at some points, I didn't get the computer vs. the typewriter part. What?

This book left me hanging with a few questions; why did his parents treat him that way? This meant a great deal to me, and I'm annoyed that I never found out. He was just a kid and should be treated like one. That being said, I think the writer did a great job with the ending of the book. It was the right way to end a story like this.