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The Nightmare Affair

The Nightmare Affair - Mindee Arnett Slightly disappointed. I had really high hopes for this one!

So, to begin with, I thought this would be a more mature read. I found it a bit too young - almost middle grade-ish, which was a shame. I just didn't really get the feel of the characters, they didn't get "under my skin."

The worldbuilding had me confused every now and then. I liked how there was so many mythical creatures and stuff, but I didn't really get the explanation if there was any?

The writing style was part of what made this book feel young, I guess. It's hard to point out exactly what it was, but it was just...not my style.

The storyline was okay, but nothing out of the ordinary, and also: it had a love triangle! I didn't expect that, and I also didn't like it. It wasn't at all what I was expecting about this book! It was less about the "dream world," and more about a "world with magical creatures who can do anything you can think of," and so I was disappointed.

This is probably just me, expecting something else than what I got. It's not a bad book, I liked it, but I was just so disappointed. As to whether I wanna continue this series, I'm not so sure. I might, since my copy of the book is so beautiful! ;)