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Mit hjerte og andre sorte huller

Mit hjerte og andre sorte huller - Jasmine Warga Likes:

• Roman was the best character in this book. He was so relateable and I understood him all the way through the book. The reasons he had for wanting to kill himself...so realistic! I can only begin to imagine how that must feel like. Aysel was a fine character, she was funny and she had some great lines, but she didn't leave as big an impact on me as Roman did. I'd like to mention Roman's mom as well. She was just too sweet ♥

• I almost had the end figured out. Almost, not quite. It felt so good to almost have it figured out. Sometimes it can be annoying, but other times, like this one, it's just amazing when you're (almost) right.

• I liked how this book wasn't depressing, but more like 'it's okay, you're not alone'-ish. I didn't cry a single tear, but I laughed a couple of times. I admire the author's ability to write a book on this subject and not make it all sad and depressing. It had heart, humor and hope.


• The schoolproject about 'taking pictures' reminded me so much of [b:All the Bright Places|18460392|All the Bright Places|Jennifer Niven|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1404331702s/18460392.jpg|26113532], it was just a bit too much.

• I would've liked to know more about Aysel's father. I didn't feel like I got to know enough of him.