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Just Pretending (Hearts to Follow Book 1)

Just Pretending (Hearts to Follow Book 1) - Dana Burkey, Bethany Walters I was a bit disappointed in this one.

I never found out why Cam was into Nick in the first place, which made this book a bit odd. Naturally, when Nick came back and acted like he did, I didn't get him at all. I never really liked him, and now I seriously disliked him. Not good for a lovestory! Josh, however. Wasn't he just the sweetest?
I don't think this book offered anything new in the genre, the "let's try and fool this guy by pretending we're in love" concept is so used, so I don't really get why that was used for such a short story where nothing was explained in depth? I think it could've worked in a regular novel, because things would've been explained more.

I did find it to be a cute little book though. It was fun at times, and a very easy read, and I can only imagine how this one might be a good one to read if you're trying to get out of a reading slump.
I'll recommend this to people who just need a quick YA romance story, but don't expect too much from it. There are better books out there, and there are worse. :)
I might continue the series, just for the fun of it.