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Uden minder - Jessica Brody Wow! Now this is a quick read! The book was good right from the beginning, I even found the prologue to be very exciting. This is a very fast paced book and the action is picking up almost from the beginning. The storyline in this book is pretty good, and it wasn't clear to me while reading it, that it's the first book in a trilogy. To be honest, I don't know what book two will be about. Most of my questions were answered in the end, but I still didn't really get how Violet, the MC, was able to read. I mean, wouldn't she have forgotten? Apparently not... Also, the love plays a big part in this book, it was a bit too much. It felt rather false. Too easy. I don't know excatly how to express myself here.

There are bad guys and good guys and then there are people in between, who you'll never figure out. Maybe that's what the next book will be about? I really liked Cody, and Zen was okay as well, even though I never found him as good a character as Cody. The characters I liked the most was definitely Violet. I hope the minor characters will grow on me in the next two books.

The writing was really great, and was part of my enjoyment of this book. It took me no time to read this book, which at first seemed huge, but once I got into it, it was so easy and quick to read.

This book has quite a few plot twists, and I really enjoyed those. I thought I'd knew what was gonna happen, but I really didn't. That was a good experience. The cliffhanger at the end wasn't too big for my liking, so that's another plus. I really think this book is worth a read, especially if you're 15-16 years old - there are a lot of action, love and even some great things to learn from this book. Unfortunetaly, I also think that you're 17 or older, you'll find this book somewhat of a disappointment. I'm not sure why I think that is, it's just a feeling.

I'll definitely be reading the next book in this series.