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Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday - Colleen Hoover OMG!!!!

"I want to skydive because I want to experience life to its fullest."

Merged review:

I loved everything about this book - until I reached the ending...

Colleen Hoover sure can write! It was beautiful.

As far as the characters go, they were amazing. I loved Ridge all the way, from beginning to end. Same goes for Sydney and Maggie. I didn't really like Warren to begin with, but he was growing on me and became my favorite by the end. He said some very wise things to Sydney, things that I could identify with. He was acting very mature when nobody else was.

The storyline was great as well. It's a contemporary novel, but it dealt with it in a new way, and it was a way I liked very much! I was disappointed with the ending though. It ended like I thought it would, yeah, but I felt like it was too fast paced - I mean, what happened to Maggie? You can't just leave her hanging! Did she survive and deal with life? Did she die? What happened? Just give me something!

I was fangirling so hard when reading this, but the end was so disappointing - I really missed some info. I just can't justify giving it a five star rating.