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From a Distant Star

From a Distant Star - Karen McQuestion I got this book from Netgalley.

I didn't know much about this book when I started it; I was expecting a sad-ish story about a dying boy and his girlfriend trying to grant his dying wish. It was nothing like that. What it really was about, I won't tell. One of the things I liked most about this book myself was that I didn't know about the story, and I want others to be just as surprised as I was.

I really liked the characters, especially Emma and Eric. Of course Scout was great too. Lucas' parents weren't really my cup of tea, but I sense that it was written that way on purpose. And it definitely worked.

The writing was so easy and had a lot of humor as well.

This book was just what I needed and I'm so glad I read it. Now, if only there'd be a second book...