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Billie - Anna Gavalda It's extremely hard to write a proper review of this book. It was such a nice little gem.

This is a novel about life, death and everything in between; friendship, love, growing up, finding yourself etc. I thought I had the ending figured out from the beginning, but it turned out I didn't. Not at all. I did not see that one coming. And still, I sit here now, thinking that it was the way it could have ended. It tied up everything.

The writing of this book is what really mattered to me. Normally, I don't really care, but this book was so special that I had to reread quite a few sentences to get to experience their beauty and depth. It was easy to read, but it made me think about life (and death), and so it took me a little while.

This book is so true to life. This book matters to me. The story, the writing, everything. A heartwarming story, that's for sure.